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Lenovo A889 Root & Mod (MIUI 4.8.29)

I recently got a Lenovo A889 phone, feeling that the stock ROM is too bloated with Chinese software that doesn’t make sense I had enough, time to change it.

After searching around. I found that someone ported the MIUI to this phone but I couldn’t find good quality info on how to root & mod the device. After spending some time reading through blogs & forums I have managed to successfully root & install the custom rom on my device. I'll summarize the process in simple steps and provide direct download links to get the job done. My environment was a windows 8.1 x64.
Note: you may need to disable driver verification on x64 systems.

1- Get & install the Lenovo ADB drivers. Download here Lenovo ADB

2- Install VRoot. Download here VRoot
Just connect the phone to your PC, launch the application and follow the instructions. This will root your phone automatically.

3- Copy the CWM recovery to the phone. Download here CWM

4- Copy the mobile uncle app to the phone. Download here MobileUncle

5- Install the app, launch it and go to the recovery section to install the CWM recovery just copied to the phone.

After step 5 you got a rooted phone with the CWM recovery. You can install whatever ROM that’s supported. I installed a ported MIUI check here & follow the instructions. Don’t forget to install the keyfix, memorycard fix & google apps

Let me know if the links provided are down.