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recover pppoe password TRG212M UNIFI

I wanted to migrate to DLINK DIR-615 router from the shitty Huawei? TRG212M. soon am stuck in the setup page because i have no idea whats my unifi pppoe password.

Gladly i still have the TRG212M and the password is stored in it somewhere, i'll describe the steps to recover it below. I have used google chrome browser but other browser should work too.

1- login to your router. (default username: admin, password: leave blank/empty)

2- click the wizard in the tabs and start it. you will see something like this:

3- hit F12 to bring the developer console.

4- click the magnifying glass to select an element from the page.

5- click on the password text box. do note down the ID of element. in this case "INPUT_PppoePsd".

6- click the console tab and type : document.getElementById('INPUT_PppoePsd').value hit enter and you will get your password.

router firmware version and other info: